Air Conditioning

In climates like ours, a high-efficiency central air conditioning system can keep your whole house comfortable while keeping utility costs low.

If you are happy with the system you already have, we offer routine maintenance agreements that can help extend its useful life. Our factory-trained technicians will handle all your service needs from licensed warranty and post-warranty repairs, to immediate emergency response.

AC Repair, Tune-Up Service in Costa Mesa, Irvine, Mission Viejo, CA

AC Repair

A broken or damages AC system is definitely something that you can bear to live with for long. When your air conditioning isn't working in Southern California, you certainly notice the difference! Absolute Comfort is proud to offer reliable air conditioning repair services to keep your home comfortable. Our technicians hold the proper credentials and required training to provide you with solutions. We come to the job site with the tools we need to handle the repair as soon as possible.

AC Service & Tune-Up

Have you noticed your Air Conditioning taking a long time to cool your home? Your AC system could be in need a tune-up! Our professional licensed technicians have years of experience. Schedule a service appointment today and we will make sure your Air Conditioning is running efficiently!

Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air with low levels of dust, particulates and contaminants and the right level of humidity is more important for day-to-day health and comfort. If you want cleaner, healthier indoor air, we can help supply and install the latest air filtration systems, air decontaminating UV lamps, dehumidifiers and humidifiers. The frequency of changing your air filters depends on your home. If you have pets, we recommend changing your filters at least twice a year. We can inspect and change them, if needed, using quality replacements for cleaner indoor air and to keep your system running efficiently.

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