HVAC zoning is the process of separating your heating and cooling system so it delivers different comfort levels to each area of the home. This process allows you to set the temperature independently for each room of your house. You might keep the bedrooms cooler at night while focusing your air conditioning on the kitchen and living room areas during the day. HVAC zoning gives you a higher degree of control and customization over the temperature in your home.

How Does It Work?

HVAC zoning utilizes a series of dampers that are installed in the duct work. These dampers can open or close mechanically as needed to deliver airflow to each part of the home. Each zone has its own thermostat so you can adjust the temperature individually for that section of your house. It's important to have a zoned HVAC system professionally installed. The process of setting up the layout for this installation can be complex. A trained HVAC technician can properly evaluate the layout of your home and help you set up efficient zoning. Is a zoning system right for your home?

Almost every household can benefit from a zoned heating & cooling system. That's because most homes have a room that?s always too hot or too cold, and family members with different temperature preferences. Zoning systems allow you to accommodate those different comfort needs, while also helping you save energy.

You should also consider zoned HVAC if you have large windows in your home, a top floor that's always warmer than lower floors, rooms that you seldom use or that feel stuffy, or special areas like a home office or gym that need additional cooling.

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